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What is Wealth?

Wealth is about much more than money. For true wealth, you need to look at every part of who you are and feel fulfilled. I wrote more about that here and here.

As Stephen Covey said, you need to: “Begin with the end in mind”. To do that, first get a vision for how you want your life to look in three years. Ignore any temporary setbacks, and create a compelling vision. If you need any help with that, book a free strategy session with me and I’ll help you.

Next, you need a map to get you from where you are now to the vision you’ve just created.

Finally, you need focus and determination, to cut through the overwhelm and move to your goal.

I write for a magazine called What’s Working Now that is great for keeping people on track through this journey, and making sure they don’t waste time and money on things that simply don’t work any more. The magazine is full of things that are working right now. You can grab a $1 trial to it through this link. That will give you access to the archives, so you can snoop through all the columns I’ve written in the last couple of years. There is some really great stuff in there. However, you want to know what’s working now, so make sure you pay particular attention to the most recent columns for the best results.