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The Wish Trinity


What is “The Wish Trinity”?

One day, I sat down and thought: ‘Underneath everything, what is it that people actually WANT?’ Almost the second I thought the question, the answer came to me. I thought of films I’d watched over the years. I thought of toasts at dinner parties and special occasions. I thought of what people wish for newborn babies. Century after century, it comes down to three things, which I call The Wish Trinity: HEALTH, WEALTH, AND HAPPINESS.

The moment I realised this, my thoughts went immediately to my own business. Was I providing The Wish Trinity to my own clients. Sadly not. I was helping them with their wealth, but without helping with their health too, the ‘happiness’ part didn’t sit right. I toyed with the idea that people actually want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. If that were true, I’d have the wealthy and wise bits covered at least. Well… it was true, but the reason for the wisdom was ultimately to attain happiness. I couldn’t get away from the fact that people want to be happy, and that they can’t do this unless both wealth AND health are part of their daily routine.

How to Attain The Wish Trinity

I’ve set up three pages for you, with my take on these three wishes. I will be adding to them over time. You will find them in the menu, nested under this page, or simply click: Health, Wealth, or Happiness.

Looking forward to helping you on your journey,


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