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How I Got 100s of Listens As a Newbie Singer on Soundcloud

Fess up time. I’m not a total newb to singing. I was actually in a band for a couple of years, and made a couple of albums. Many tales of randomness and debauchery. None will be shared here. However, I haven’t done anything as a solo artist since I won a certificate for playing some medieval ditty or other on recorder as a quivering school girl. This whole ‘make a song and share it with the world on your own’ thing was entirely new to me. And… I’m not in my 20s any more. Not even slightly. Double the number, plus a handful of change. Not the ideal scenario for a music phenomenon, huh? Lol. Well, since when did not fitting the mould stop me?

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On a Friday evening, I opened the gold MacBook I won in an affiliate contest and looked at the software installed therein. I’ve never had a MacBook before, so this was new territory.


Then I saw it: GarageBand. Hardly a revelation. It’s been around for donkeys’ years. I remember a friend of mine telling me to ditch the band and use that to make my own music over a decade ago. So, I know I just did the equivalent of saying ‘Hey! There’s this really cool thing. It’s called… email!!!’ to you, and that’s not the way I am usually, so I apologise, but I just hadn’t used it before. So I used it. Now, if you’re not musically minded at all, GarageBand isn’t going to magic up songs for you. You need to have an ear for music or you’ll just end up with the kind of noise the cat makes when it thinks it knows opera. However, if you have an ear for music, but lack a band or instruments, this is a pretty sweet bit of kit.

By the end of the weekend, I had three songs. I uploaded one of them publicly to SoundCloud and called upon my epic list to help me hit the charts. They did… and I did!

I Hit The Charts!!! Sort Of…

Technically, I hit the SoundCloud ‘Hot and New’ charts – which is quite the feat when you’re 40-something, working with software you’ve never used, and threw the thing together with a phone mic. Lol. However… because I uploaded the file privately before making it public, I messed with their algorithm and didn’t show up on the charts. IMPORTANT!!! If you want to chart, you MUST go straight to public. After a bit of a fight with SoundCloud, they finally had an ‘a-ha’ moment and realised they’d screwed up. However, despite thanking me, and modifying their instructions accordingly, my name didn’t end up in the charts. Just so you know though… I totally did hit the charts with it. My list rules!

Feel The Rhythm pic

The Steps (Podcasters Can Use This Too)

I’m not letting you into all the secrets here, because I’m going to put together a course on this, but the main thing you need to do if you want success in any online endeavour is to build a list. They say the money’s in the list. It is. So are the chart positions. More accurately, the money is in the relationship with the list. If you have a tribe of amazing people cheering you on your journey – as you do for them – amazing things happen.

  1. Social proof. Your core tribe will give you support. These guys are more valuable than gold. They are brave, supportive, utterly valiant defenders of your cause and vision, and just full on awesome. You don’t get a tribe like this overnight, but they are the reason why some people hit charts, leaderboards, etc so fast even when you can’t see how they’re qualified to do so. When I’ve brought hundreds of people into businesses in a matter of days, these are the guys responsible for that. They often jump before they even know what the heck you’re talking about, because they have years of evidence of your ability to make brilliant… or cool… or just plain fun decisions. Once they show up, the party has started. It then becomes easier for people who don’t know you to like your stuff. Less risk.
  2. Feedback. Over time, you get a sense of how judgemental or encouraging your list is. The wisdom of crowds theory kicks in and you get the kind of feedback that you just can’t buy. I even go to my list to crowdsource personal stuff now. Mad? Maybe, but I have a really smart list. The average of the whole generally equates to really sound advice. Every now and then they’re way off, which helps me to know what their problems are. I then send them training on these areas. Most of the time, though, they’re an amazing resource when it comes to measuring my own progress and the perceived value I have to the marketplace.
  3. Fun. It’s so much more fun when you do things together. Even when I try to make things about me, they never are. It was actually pretty important to me to make this singing thing about me, but I noticed that within a matter of hours, it had morphed into ‘we’ because as the comments came in, and I looked at the profiles of the people who’d posted them, I was stunned at how many of the people from my list had actually set up SoundCloud accounts purely to be able to support me. How the heck is ‘my success’ mine when there are people like that helping me? It isn’t. It’s ours. #BestListEver

What if you don’t yet have a list? Well, there are ways to get one. You can take the slow and picturesque route (takes about 5 years to build a decent list that way) if you’re not too fussed about profit or success, or if you have oodles of time on your hands. The way you do this is to post on social media every day, reach out and prospect people every hour, and ask people to get on your list constantly. It’s valuable. It works. You should do this anyway. However, it is time consuming on a day to day basis, and it takes forever to build a list big enough to accomplish anything.

The shortcut isn’t free, but you can have a decent year within a year, a month, or even a week if you’re prepared to invest. You skip the whole learning curve and can move straight to bit just before the finish line. You don’t go straight to the finish line because you need to build trust with the list, which can still take a few weeks of work. However, we’re talking weeks rather than years. To do that, buy traffic. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest by far is to set a budget for traffic every month, and outsource the process of finding that traffic to a company that knows how to do that for you. Then you can just forget about it, and your list will build itself. Again, you’ll convert better if you personally speak to your list, but it’ll work even if you don’t as long as you pick a company that communicates with your list on your behalf. I buy traffic from Traffic Authority. At the moment – and these are just my stats so I can’t guarantee you the same results or anything like these results. Your results will be unique – I get back $7 for every $1 I spend on traffic through these guys which is MINDBLOWINGLY good. So if you’re building a business online, I highly recommend them. You can also send your podcasts or music or whatever to the list once you’ve built it.

If you want to create a brand for yourself as a singer or podcaster, you’ll need a blog. You can pick one up with the hosting already paid for you, and you can literally set it up in 2 clicks, from Elite Marketing Pro here. You can also get free traffic coaching through those guys. You’ll also need custom capture pages, an autoresponder, and all that good stuff. You can get some of this through the same place, but if you want a contact management system thrown in too, I highly recommend Power Lead System. I’ve used it – and the software company that programmed it – for around half a decade now. It got me to the Amazon bestseller lists, nabbed me multiple magazine columns, and made me oodles of dosh in online and network marketing. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of the business world if you’re looking for a branding tool. You can grab that here:

Personally, I use all of these tools all of the time. I’m an affiliate for all of them, and have made thousands with each of them as an affiliate. Why do I tell you this? Well, it’s ethical to let you know that if you buy any of these I’ll make some commission (and thanks to you for that if you go through my link. You rock!) But also to let you know that if you’re a creative entrepreneur, whether a singer or writer or whatever, you can create an income to support your Art. The pressure to pay for the roof over your head does not have to fall on your art. You can build a passive residual income with these tools, that gives you the freedom to take a day/week/month off when you like and focus on your creative endeavours. I am entirely self employed, and the money comes to me completely through my online work. I get paid multiple times a week (EMP pays out monthly, the other two weekly) and enough of it is residual in nature (I get paid weekly/monthly/annually for a sale I make only once, so I don’t have to hustle to make money) that I have time freedom. Nothing like time freedom to free the inner muse. 🙂

Stay creative, shatter paradigms, and remain the freaky, geeky unique person you were born to be!


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