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Ray Higdon Talks to Rebecca Bardess about Top Earner Strategies

Tips From a Top Earner

This blog will become a valuable resource to those of you who aim high as indiepreneurs. Over the coming months and years, I will bring you the voices of people who’ve reached the summit of their chosen niche, and can tell you what the view looks like when you achieve your goals. They will also give you tips on how to get up there with them.

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However, I haven’t seen much elsewhere about how to breathe the rarefied air when you reach the top, so I’ll be drilling them on that too. Enough of my clients and students now are in or near the millionaire territory that you need to know what comes next. I want to help you with that by bringing you those people who’ve not only reached major financial goals, but have worked out how to sustain that success, and how to be successful in all areas of the ‘wish trinity’. These are extraordinarily talented individuals, but they all started with a single step – just like all of us. So, if you’re not yet earning a mint online, or if you’re still struggling to put your first creative endeavour in front of an audience, remember that they were there once too.

My dear friend, and a valued mentor, Ray Higdon granted me an interview on these exact topics today. Ray’s a legend, and I’m sure you’ll get some amazing lightbulb moments from this first interview on the blog.

Looking forward to reading your comments.


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  1. Jane Orlov says:

    Two of my most favorite people that impacted my life! Amazing interview… Such wonderful questions Rebecca, you are brilliant at that! Yes it was a tax shock that I didn’t expect when several years ago, I tripled my income one year from the year before… Great answers from Ray! Definitely a MUST watch interview!
    Thank you so much for providing So much value for our niche!
    So grateful for this…

  2. Korey Niese says:

    I liked the tip about Periscope at the end. Definitely gonna get on there soon and start leveraging that.

    Very good questions and great answers as well. Gonna keep in mind taxes when I become rich and famous.

    • The fame’s coming already, so the big stash o’ cash paydays are just around the corner, my friend. If you start planning at the age you are now, you’ll be SO sorted! 🙂

  3. April says:

    I really appreciated his point on what the end purpose of a blog post was, not to just create the content, but instead to make a difference. Being prepared for increased taxes and having a savings plan is very helpful to know for those ready to breakthrough and to be honest, most people probably aren’t thinking about it. That and continuing to increase your savings in line with your income. Love this! Thank you for sharing your chat with us.

  4. Billie says:

    Wow, what a great start for your new blog, Rebecca! Two powerhouses, both of whom have influenced my online business tremendously!

    Rebecca, you ask great questions, and the overall message in Ray’s interview was one of contributing to the personal and business growth of everyone we touch!

    You were my *awesome* coach as I entered the ‘interwebs’, and your tactics, strategies, and who-you-are still contribute to me and my business daily! <3

  5. France says:

    So glad I watched this! I”m just a beginner, but I like to learn as much as I can for the future! My focus is on the future, not my current circumstances. 🙂

  6. I don’t understand how you two keep shoving so much great content into these videos! There are so many great concepts here, but the one I thought was the best was to save, save, save, when you start making money. Treat yourself in moderation, but invest and look to the future. Love it.

  7. Jeff Noud says:

    This is by far the greatest interview I have seen given with Ray….great questions! How did you get him on?

    • Wow. What a great comment. Thank you. 🙂 Ray hired me as a coach when he wanted to become an author. We worked really closely together for three months and I got him from the point of wanting to be an author to having two books written, edited, published, and as #1 bestsellers on Amazon. Both as a mentor and as a client, the man rocks.

  8. Karen Redepenning says:

    Wow! I took a crazy amount of notes, and still need to watch this again. Thanks to you both for sharing these gold nuggets with the world. The value in this interview is incredible – dare I say one of the best yet! Thank you!!!!

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