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Pluto Has A Heart!


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Did you notice in the pictures from space that the outcast, ‘black sheep’ of the planetary family has a heart? This pic shows you where to look on the original, but it’s clearly there. Poor Pluto, demoted from planet status, and cast out into cold space by its family for so long. But we still believed in him, didn’t we? We knew the little underdog could fight back and take his place on the stage once more.


Because he was in OUR hearts. There was a cartoon dog named after him. His demotion felt unfair. We shouldn’t have felt anything for this distant space marble, but we did. What does that tell you?

Hopefully, it tells you that if some collection of bits of space junk is not only worthy of our affection, but has successfully maintained that affection over the years, whilst saying not a single word, then YOU are worthy of it too.

Hopefully, it tells you that if you’ve been the underdog for a while – or forever – and you have a heart for your fellow earthlings, you deserve your place amongst the stars too.

This post explains a little more about why having heart is just as important as having posture. Hope you find it helpful.

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