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New Year. Knew You.

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One of the top 10 most influential CEOs in the world, Grant Cardone, says that there is a correlation between the number of times you hear ‘no’ and the amount you ‘know’.

So, as you go into the new year, ask yourself how many ‘no’s you are prepared to tolerate in 2017. If you’re fed up with everyone saying ‘no’ to your business, maybe it’s time to make the new year into the first one in which you focus not on a NEW you, but on a KNEW you. Maybe it’s time to look at what 2016 taught you about who you were. Maybe it’s time to ask what you knew about yourself at the start of the year, and what you now know. It is from a position of knowledge that we make our best decisions, after all, and if you plan to set resolutions, you will need that knowledge.

Knew, Know, Knowing

When you stepped into 2016, what did you know about yourself? What resolutions did you set? Have you accomplished any of those? Let me know in the comments. If you were to meet the you of December 2015, what would you tell her/him about the you that you would be in December 2016?

Knew: The past. What did you know back then? What can you learn from the gap between 2015 you and 2016 you? If you can’t learn anything, you clearly didn’t level up in 2016. How can you make sure that doesn’t happen in 2017? What will you invest in to make sure that you know better?

Know: The present. What are you working on right now, to know more about yourself and your industry? How many books do you read? How many courses do you fully study? How many coaches have you hired in the last year? What are you doing to make yourself into a bigger and better version of you? On the book reading front, for instance, I read between one and three books a week. Sometimes these are text, other times they are audio books. I’m constantly seeking to improve my brain, so that I will always have new things to teach my clients and students.

Knowing: The sense of ‘knowing’ goes beyond mere accumulation of data. It’s the development of wisdom and the quest for ongoing knowledge. Are you committed to this? How will you storm onto the stage of 2017 with this as your intention?

If you’re confused and overwhelmed right now, I have something that can help to clarify your path, give you the confidence you need, and help you go from ‘no’ to ‘know’. There’s a stack of free training in the videos on the front page, so feel free to grab those, but make sure you click the orange button if you’re clear that it’s time to get serious about learning what you need to know to get past the ‘no’s in your business and fly as high as you deserve to fly. Group coaching starts in January 2017, to complement the course, in which I will take you by the hand through each of the modules and answer your specific questions about how to apply this knowledge to your own business. Get the training here.

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  1. Karen says:

    I love this perspective. Thank you! I’m going to share this. xo

  2. Korey Niese says:

    Great post Rebecca! Loved reading it. I’m going to review my past year, celebrate the wins, then plan for an epic 2017!

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