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Do Fame and Fortune Make You Happy?

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Money Acceptance and a Lack Mindset

As the recession dug in its heels, and people sunk further into depression, it became necessary to educate as much as possible about the dangers of what became known as a ‘lack’ or ‘poverty’ mindset. I always objected to the terminology, as it felt like a label applied to those who endured poverty. Having been both wealthy and in poverty myself, I knew the realities of both states. And I felt weird appearing to cast judgement on those in lower earning brackets. However, having hauled myself out of poverty, I also realised how big of a part mindset can play in keeping people trapped in an underfunded state. On balance, it was absolutely the right thing to do to help as many people as I could to understand how their mindsets were keeping them poor, and to help them to identify their blocks to money acceptance. Through this, people did escape poverty, and they helped others to do the same. However, that was not the full story. It was never the full story. The full story was too complex to share back then, when lives were on the line due to the economy. Now, I will share the full story.

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The Complexity of Fame and Fortune

In the video below, you will see rich and famous people talking about the impact of fame and fortune on them. Before you watch it though, I want to take you back in time to the world before the recession. It was during that time that I became a freelance journalist and ‘celebrity whisperer’ of sorts. I interviewed not only the minor celebs, but the award winning ‘A’ listers. For whatever reason, a number of them then became my friend. In that capacity, they shared with me things I never published. However, through the process of winning trust over the years I was able to see the absolute truth of fame. It’s important that – while maintaining the confidentiality of my friends – I share some of this with you now, as I see so many people claiming to be celebrities because they made a bit of cash or got x numbers of follows on a social network. They’re not celebrities in the true sense. They are niche celebrities. They can only share with you the realities of being recognised online or at events. They don’t know what it’s like to have paps camping outside their houses. The A Listers I know do.

Fame and riches are empty. The millionaire lifestyle you aspire to experience, I have already lived. I have lived in the giant houses with horses and tennis courts. I went to a private school. I attended the big, fancy balls and so forth. Very nice. However, in themselves, those things do not bring joy. I’ll get back to my friends in a mo, but I’m going to share this part with you myself as I know it. Wealth does not in itself bring EITHER joy OR misery. Get this. Because otherwise you’ll let the pendulum swing too far. Being rich doesn’t make you miserable. It just also doesn’t make you happy. In an online convo many years ago I made a statement – which the party whose post the conversation happened on later misattributed to himself and I’ve subsequently seen quoted all over the place. Honestly, it seems so obvious that people probably said it centuries ago anyhow so no big deal (don’t Google it. Focus). The statement I made was that money doesn’t make you sad or happy. It is like alcohol. It emphasises what is already there. It makes you more of what you already are. If you’re sad, it makes you sadder. If you’re happy, it makes you happier. If you’re fulfilled, it makes you more fulfilled. If your reason for craving fame is a lack of something, then the money that comes with the fame will make that craving greater. The fame itself will shine a light on your vulnerability that is too great. If you are already happy with who you are, and you get fame and money as a side effect of fully expressing who you are, the amplification of that will be joyous.

My celebrity friends showed me this over and over again. To differentiate oneself sufficient to be famous is an act of great courage, vulnerability, and creativity. For all eyes to turn on you when this happens is a gift, as long as you’ve got your shit together as a person.

Competition should always be with yourself, not with others. The only caveat to that is fun competition, such as a game of chess or a race up a leaderboard or chart, or The Olympics. Aside from that, you are unique. You are in competition only with yourself.

To those reading this and thinking I’ve gone soft on entrepreneurship or whatever, nope. Am at the top of a leaderboard right now. Doing very well. What I’m fully aware of though, looking at the presidential race in the US, and listening to the leaders in the online home business industry in particular, is a lack of understanding of Darwinism. So much emphasis on the ‘survival of the fittest’, when – as you’ll hear in the video – Darwin only mentioned it twice in his theory. Love, however, he mentioned 95 times. So, for every time you focus on survival of the fittest, you need to have earned the right by focusing on love 47.5 times or you’re broadcasting to the world that you are unevolved. Actually, let’s make that 48, because I have the feeling that the world could use another .5 of a point of love right now. Don’t you?


5 Responses so far.

  1. Julian Patterson says:

    Great article. Very thoughtful. Its so easy to be duped into believing that happiness and joy are derived from externals. The two are reduced to mere feelings, but joy and happiness -and their opposites- though they involve feelings, are expressions of what you create within. Your experiencing them results in the feelings as by products of the thing itself.

  2. Thank you Julian. I really appreciate your feedback. So well said.

  3. Korey Niese says:

    WOW! Such a great read. I love reading your writing. Also a very touching video that offers a lot of insight and perspective! : )

  4. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing this again. So important right now.

  5. Judith says:

    I should show my daughter this video. She thinks I’m stupid and lazy because I am not in pursuit of being a millionaire. Being comfortable and doing what you love is more important.

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