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Do You Have FOMO… or FOMOOMO?


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Do you have FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out? Maybe, but if you’re marketing anything online, the chances are that you may have something way more serious… FOMOOMO:

Fear Of Missing Out On Marketing Online.

FOMOOMO – The Truth

People may not have told you the truth about FOMOOMO. You might not even know what it is. In this podcast, I share with you the truth about FOMOOMO, including why it’s important to disengage from certain marketers from time to time … for the sake of your health.

Resources You Need When Building A Business Online


  • An autoresponder. I use a few, but the one that integrates with the most systems is probablyAweber. It’s super easy to use, reasonably priced, and I’ve used it for about six years now. If you want a contact management system as well, you can use Power Lead System. Aweber actually integrates with this, but if you are on a budget and want to grab a contact management system that has sales pages, optin page builders, a video postcard maker, a QR code generator, and a business opportunity attached to it, PLS is a freaking steal. It’s massively underpriced for what it does, and it’s the Swiss Army Knife of business. It grows with you.


  • Traffic. Once you have a system in place to build your list – an autoresponder – you need to be able to get eyes on opt in pages so that you can build that list. For that, you need traffic. I use Traffic Authority for tier one traffic. This is the easiest way to get decent traffic. I don’t have to set up campaigns or deal with solo ad guys or whatever. I just click some buttons and it’s done. Then I have total control about when it runs. I can split it to go to different places, split test, etc. It also pays well if you’re an affiliate. I’ve made over $17,000 as an affiliate in the last six months. All results are unique, of course. This is just how it’s been for me.


  • Training and Tools. The tools in PLS and Traffic Authority pretty much cover everything you need, aside from a blog. If you want a blog, you need to decide whether you want a self-hosted blog or want it hosted for you. The first gives you the most control over look and feel, but there’s a learning curve. The latter is a question of clicking literally a couple of buttons and you’re done. For the first, I’d recommend SiteGround for the hosting. I had a horrible experience with HostGator, so I really wouldn’t recommend them. SiteGround is phenomenal, and great value. However, if you want the super easy option, Elite Marketing Pro has not only a blog but the most extensive training library there is. Again, if you’re looking for a way to make money, it can be very lucrative. I’m one of the top earners in all these companies, so I’d recommend all of them for extra income if you like the affiliate idea, but EMP is great for high level commissions, and you can get free coaching with it. Traffic Authority also has a great up to the minute training academy. In fact, my own product Home Business Authority Blueprint is in there. If you want to pay $297 for it, you’re welcome to buy it from me, but you’ll get it for $97 – along with a stack of other products – via Traffic Authority

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