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Are You A Jouster, A Quester, Ambitious, Or Just Plain Epic?

I typically coach people who fall into one of four ‘types’. Listen to the audios below. One of these may be so close to who you are that it’s almost spooky, or a couple of them may resonate with you. When you book your sessions make sure you tell me which of these audios most felt as though I was speaking straight to you. Can’t wait to work with you! Which are you? (Click to open PDF in new tab while you listen to the audios).

Epic Edie/Epic Eddie



Jousting Jasmine/Jousting Josh


Questing Quinn


Ambitious Alice/Ambitious Alysius*

*Rhymes with Ambitious. Aloe-wishus!




Holly testimonial


Giancarlo 2016 testimonial

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Coaching Courses

Price Options

Sessions are 30 mins, with the first running over (up to an hour) if necessary. You will need a Skype account or a Google Plus account for our calls. Both are free. Connect with me before our appointment, so there is no delay on the day. My Skype is RebeccaBardess and my Google Plus account is

* 24 hours notice is required for any option, for cancellations of appointments. If it is not given, appointments will be forfeited and not refunded.

** N.B. You have two weeks from the point of payment to get a refund on the course, with the exception of  appointments the date of which had passed before that date. Where appointments have occurred, $175 per 30 minute appointment/ $350 per hour will be retained (the cost before bulk discount) and the rest refunded. After the two week point, there are no refunds. If you are coming into this looking for a refund, however, this isn’t for you. Coaching with me is for people who are prepared to commit to themselves as much as I am prepared to commit to them. If you’re ready to get results, and stop making excuses, hire me.