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Do Fame and Fortune Make You Happy?

Money Acceptance and a Lack Mindset
As the recession dug in its heels, and people sunk further into depression, it became necessary to educate as much as possible about the dangers of what became known as a ‘lack’ or ‘poverty’ mindset. […]

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Spoon Theory for Indiepreneurs

Spoon Theory
If you don’t know about spoon theory, this is where it came from. Thanks to Ann Holloway for making me aware of it. I love the fact that it came from a site called “but you don’t look sick“* […]

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Sleeping in Someone Else’s Time Zone

Are you a 9-5 worker? Really? If you could work any hours you like, which hours would you actually work? Now, this won’t work for everyone, but if you have total freedom over when to work, which many of those […]

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Naysayers Gonna Naysay

Got Haters?
Seen a few people dealing with some haters in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d share some thoughts on the matter.

Tell your truth. Tell your absolute truth. You will get haters. Who cares? You care? […]

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How I Got 100s of Listens As a Newbie Singer on Soundcloud

Fess up time. I’m not a total newb to singing. I was actually in a band for a couple of years, and made a couple of albums. Many tales of randomness and debauchery. None will be shared here. However, I […]

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Are you opposed to yourself? Are you attempting to set up a fight between who you want to be and who you are? There is no opposition. You are you. You’re on a journey, and every version of you is […]

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