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How to Send Out Cards and Gifts to Friends, Family, and Prospects Easily, Affordably, and Without Going to a Post Office …

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The truth is that I’ve been absolutely pants – as we say in Britain – about sending cards and letters to people over the last few years. Not just a bit pants. A whole pants drawer of pants.

I wrote SO many thank you notes I forgot to post. I wrote SO many birthday cards I forgot to post. Basically, I’m great at writing the things but I always forget to post them. Then I have some weird superstition about throwing them away, because maybe I’ll remember to send them. Then, of course, I don’t. And my house fills with cards that are stuffed in envelopes and I’ll never be able to guess what’s in them. It’s a mess. Literally. And I’m done with it.

I used to be great at sending cards, because I used to make them. But making cards is time consuming and messy and, again, I have all the best intentions but I never get around to it any more. So… I decided to stop making excuses and find a way to outsource the process because, personally, I LOVE receiving cards and gifts. The other day, someone sent me brownies. Now, I couldn’t eat the brownies because of a nut allergy, but I was still thrilled and gave them to my mum who was stuck in bed with a back problem. She said they were delicious. The card is downstairs, and I grin a little each time I see it.

Was this sent to me by a secret admirer?soc figure

Hardly! Actually, my business coach sent it to me, because she’s one of those people who goes the extra mile and is really big on letting people know they matter. And this woman has a massive business, so the in person personal touch is not really there any more since so much has to be outsourced. When that happens with businesses, things can get remote and less personal, but I never feel that way with her, and the reason for that is because she sends me cards. Actually, probably her VA sends me cards, but it still feels special. And when I pay her stacks o’ cash for courses and so forth it’s a pretty good bet that I have a gift coming my way too. I like that. I want to be like that. So, I’m going to be from now on. Note to clients. If you buy one of my top coaching packages from now on and don’t get a card from me, message me and find out why. I want to celebrate your decision to move forward in your business, so I intend to send cards to everyone who takes this kind of step from now on. 🙂

Go ProAnyhow, I’m now using a cool app to do all the heavy lifting for me. Same app she uses actually. As luck would have it, the week she sent me brownies was the week I was researching customer retention methods for a clients of mine and looking for something for him JUST LIKE this. Of course, I’m a marketer, so the moment I realised this is it, I hopped in as an affiliate so that he could join through my link. As Joey from Friends so memorably said: “Not just a hat rack, my friend!” So, this app – or you can use it on your computer too – I just tell it what I want it to do, and when, and it whirs into action. It’s quite brilliant. This is where you can take it for a test drive. Seriously. You can just send a free card using this thing to see how it works for you, as long as I have some free accounts left. I set it up so the first few peeps who came to this page could get free accounts to play with, and I threw a bit of cash in there for you too, so give it a try and see if one’s available. You have nothing to lose but the reputation you currently have for being a bit rude and not caring enough to send cards to people.

Before you shop around, by the way, I already did the research for you. This service is unique in its industry (and although there’s no pressure at all to do so, there’s a full affiliate system involved with it if you want to build a business helping people stay in touch with family, friends, and business prospects) but it’s also the best thing I’ve found just as a customer. I did various price comparisons with companies such as FunkyPigeon and MoonPig and it came out cheaper every time. Plus, these guys are the number one user of the US first class postal system, so they know their stuff. Here’s my link. Give it a go. 


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