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Are you opposed to yourself? Are you attempting to set up a fight between who you want to be and who you are? There is no opposition. You are you. You’re on a journey, and every version of you is […]

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Pluto Has A Heart!


Did you notice in the pictures from space that the outcast, ‘black sheep’ of the planetary family has a heart? This pic shows you where to look on the original, but it’s clearly there. Poor Pluto, demoted from planet status, […]

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Are You a Player, Or Do You Get Played?

How Do You View Life?
Most people see life as a series of events that happen to them. Stuff happens, and they react to that stuff. Good things happen, and they’re happy. Bad things happen, and they’re sad. You don’t set […]

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Ray Higdon Talks to Rebecca Bardess about Top Earner Strategies

Tips From a Top Earner
This blog will become a valuable resource to those of you who aim high as indiepreneurs. Over the coming months and years, I will bring you the voices of people who’ve reached the summit of their chosen […]

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Welcome to

A brand new name. A brand new site. Here’s my first video. Thanks in advance for leaving your footprints on my site – as we used to say back in the day. 🙂 (anyone remember ‘remember to sign my guestbook’ […]

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