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I release Indiepreneurs back into the wild

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Holly Matthews: Actress, Singer, Entrepreneur

"Rebecca Bardess is a total legend and reminds me the world is full of people who think like you if you just look... She is a fantastic coach, mentor and all round good egg!"

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Ray Higdon: Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur

"So blessed to have two such great mentors. Maria Andros and Rebecca [Bardess]... If you have ever aspired to be an author, follow Rebecca."

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Sue Maisano: Entrepreneur

"Rebecca is someone who believes in me so much that it makes me think there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Before I hired her, I made $40 on the internet. After 3 weeks coaching with her and I made $1,240! She is an amazing coach and true friend; she over-delivers and always brings out the best of her clients."

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Jane Orlov (Jenya, the Russian Firecracker): Entrepreneur

"I highly recommend Rebecca to anybody who needs help in anything like branding, info product creation, sales funnels, copywriting, and internet marketing in general."

Today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut that held its ground.

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Money Acceptance and a Lack Mindset
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Client Spotlight: Holly Matthews

New feature on the blog. I want to shine a spotlight on some of my amazing clients. I’ve already posted a video here with one major niche superstar client of mine, Ray Higdon, whom I helped to become an author. […]

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